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During the strategy phase, we identify a plan to reduce Information Technology (IT) total cost of ownership 20% through the move to a standard architecture.

We maintain those technology workhorses that are performing well and integrate with new technology as needed to give you speed and automation where is matters most.


During the engagement phase we introduce new technology in waves reducing delivery costs 10% while simultaneously improving community satisfaction\net promoter score.  

Also in this phase business leader engagement and performance improves as technology enables new business insights and more discretionary time to focus on the core business.


During the Measure phase, we help you transition fully to focus on your core business, leaving the rest to outsourced experts.  During this phase it is common to redirect or reduce up to 50% of your focus on standardized community engagement/office support.

Depending on the Account Plan chosen, businesses also benefit from:

- Dedicated Chat Support Hours

- Monthly reports on engagement

- Monthly release of enhancements

- Ongoing maintenance such as search engine optimization, marketing campaigns, surveys,...

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