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Small Business Saturday is in 36 days...

what does this mean for B2B?

October 20, 2017


For many small companies the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the biggest sales day of the year!  And who says this day should only drive business to consumer (B2C) transactions?  There are plenty of budgets out there that need to be spent by the end of the year and what better way to capitalize on the spirit than to get B2B deals closed?... or better yet... getting B2B relationships opened!  Especially when one at least one of the B's in B2B is small.  Considering the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) definition of "small" there can be a wide range of businesses that fit the category.  For example, in "ceramic manufacturing" small is consider a business that ranges from 1 to 1,000 employees.   For "semi-conductor design and other specialized design" that is $1 to $7.5M annually.   So here is my tip for "small" businesses to open up new relationships and gain more of share of wallet this November. 

TIP:  Understand your customer's goals that require a boost to the finish and those that require a running head start for next year.  For many B's in B2B October is the end of their product life cycle, especially those shipping internationally to meet the holiday consumer demand.  And November shifts to the start of the new product life cycle by revisiting strategic plans.

1.  Share your credentials on how you've delivered on similar goals.  Seal the deal with "we're small and we can move fast to help you reach that goal!" and then do it!

2.  Ask the opened ended questions like "how will your design be impacted by the desire to increase processor performance?"  Contribute to their thought leadership.  Seal the deal with "we're small and flexible enough to explore all those design options!" and build the plan to execute!

How can you capitalize on #SmallBusinessSaturday to move B2B forward?  Is there a day that is significant in closing deals for B2B?  How about the Wednesday after Thanksgiving when BlackFriday, SmallBusinessSaturday and CyberMonday has cooled and the focus is back on finishing year-end work and planning for the new year. How about #WinWinWednesday?  Welcome your thoughts!


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