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Are these Six Skills in your Leadership Toolkit?

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

Consider these two facts as you reflect on what skills to add to your 2018 leadership development plan.


Only 19% of business managers believe programs have high relevance to the issues they face

So we've hit on the following six skills that are most meaningful for daily leadership challenges:

Skill 1 Understand Motivators. Rapid business & technology change requires equally rapid skills development to keep pace. However, a climate of constant change may not motivate your entire team. Want to learn more about how to pull your team the same direction as your business purpose?

Skill 2 Manage Conflict. Exploring differing points of view can reveal outcomes that would not organically occur. Do you have the skills to harness the positive power of conflict and navigate you and your team through conflict while maintaining productive relationships?

Skill 3 Executive Presence. Are you succinctly communicating your qualifications that are relevant to business goals you want to achieve and connected to your audience?

Skill 4 Network. Do you have a relationship network strategy to serve the needs of your business objectives?

Skill 5 Negotiate. Do you know how to take the skills of Understanding Motivators and Managing Conflict to the next level to navigate joint solutions?

Skill 6 Innovate. True innovations starts with brainstorming with your teams. How sharp are your active listening skills?

If you want to build on these leadership skills and expand your professional network Applications are being accepted to #LeadershipOtsego 2018 offered by The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce. Deadline is Thursday, February 15, 2018


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