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How to enhance Cx and do more with less?

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

Is your organization trying to do more with less these days? If it’s any consolation, you are not alone. In today’s economy it seems that everyone has fewer resources at hand, particularly human resources.

Yet the challenges you’re facing everyday continue to grow and change. Your customers expect more service – not less – and they expect to engage with you through more channels; often 24/7.So how do you keep up with rapidly changing business demands when you have less to work with than before?

For many successful enterprises the answer is to leverage the latest automated customer engagement technologies. For example, the increasing sophistication of computer-generated virtual agents enables a simulated ‘conversation’ with the customer through the use of a mature knowledge base to auto answer common questions.

A virtual agent lets you efficiently deliver interactive, personalized customer care information via websites, mobile phones, social media sites, email, kiosks and Instant Message applications. These types of intelligent software programs, such as automated web chat, can enhance your engagement strategy by directing customers to alternate interactive channels for additional service or troubleshooting.

Likewise, automated email applications can streamline customer communications as part of your omni-channel strategy, while still personalizing the messages based on customer interests:

  • Instantly send an automated welcome to new customers

  • Deliver product recommendations based on previous purchases

  • Tailor emails based on customers' Internet browsing activity.

These are just a couple examples of automated and self-service communications tools available to drive the customer experience more efficiently, allowing you to accomplish more with less.


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