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Enhancing Customer Experience (CX) is tricky business, so we make it easy to start, get a quick win and sustain improvement. During the Engage phase we work with you to identify workflows that are easy to automate and/or offload so your team can focus on business, not busy work.

Simultaneously we collaborate with your on the Strategy Phase... which identifies the people, process and platform change that will provide the biggest impact to your customers' experience with your brand.

Not sure what workflows to automate and/or offload?  No worry, click the "Free CX Transformation Consult" and we will schedule an hour dedicated to developing your storyboard for a customer experience transformation.


The CX transformation is a journey fueled by three key areas of change:  People, Process and Platform.

  • People pulling in the same direction to improve your customers' experience as a result of training and collaborating on an initial customer experience quick-win
  • Process views that provide a common understanding across your enterprise of critical customer experience moments and process improvement
  • Platform change that enhances customer experience and enables you to understand and influence the "vibe of your tribe"


Connect your Business Leaders with the "vibe of your tribe" and track the value of the CX Services you use

Your Business Leaders are connected to CX Measurements making it easy to track the metrics that matter most to your customers' experience and business success:

- Appointments     - Marketing Material  - Automation         - Partner Marketing

- Click Thru Rate.  - Reservations

- Forums                - Sales 

- Event Marketing. - Surveys

- How To Support  - Training


Measurements directly tie to our service fees so you pay for what you use, not headcount.



Digital Transformation
About Us

We help transform how customers engage your brand while delivering on your desired business outcomes of enhancing customer experience, reducing operational cost and increasing revenue.  Our team brings strong facilitation and change management skills to align your enterprise on all aspects – people, process and platform – of the transformation

About Us


Businesses are successful when they have highly engaged customers, as well as, employees. What's the vibe of your tribe? Work with us to find out! Whether you are launching a new engagement strategy or making a tweak to existing procedures.... we will help you harness the power of your community to deliver on your business goals.


Sometimes the path to achieving an active-happy community is challenged by overwhelming options of media, messages and time! With CX Vibe we make your journey easy by charting a technology investment plan tailored to the business results you seek and leveraging the investments you've already made.  Independent transformation leadership and consulting giving you confidence that platform recommendations are not influenced by external vendor ties or incentives. 


Let us  chart your course for IT investment to harnesses the power of Big Data, Internet of Things, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Robotic Process Automation and Cloud technologies to deliver transformational change.  Independent transformation leadership and consulting giving you confidence that recommendations are not influenced by external vendor ties or incentives.  Over 40 years of combined leader experience in communication & collaboration ensures your success.

on leading people, enhancing process & developing your business platform

About Us

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